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Why the Circus of Distortion?

Welcome one and all to the circus…...drums pound, trumpets blare, a Tiger roars; gasps of shock and delight resound as the performers flow through the lights.  We are surrounded by people and yet so much hides in the shadows.


This project aims to capture what dwells below skin color, culture or societal norms, down into the secret parts of our individual humanity.  


Setting these characters within a circus is not to focus on the ‘freak’ nature of circuses but instead to represent the stage that we all find ourselves upon on a daily basis.  The distorted facades we hold up to the world, only  revealing our true selves when we are alone.  None of us are freaks, we are all dealing with the pain in our own stories.  


I hope that this production will lead to compassion and understanding of those struggles. 


This is Our World.


On with the Show.