February 12, 2017

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Costuming 'Overturned Bucket' Short Film

September 24, 2018

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Costuming 'Overturned Bucket' Short Film

September 24, 2018

Shot early 2018 the planning began at the end of 2017.  I had the honor of being the Production and Costume Designer on this show.


The story is one of a family from New Mexico and the hardships and strength that endured throughout the years.  Written by Rose Spader, it is a tale of her Grandparents lineage and descendants, including Rose herself.


Filmed mostly in beautiful Corrales, New Mexico, we were able to choose locations that closely resembled buildings that were around at the turn of the century and 1940s. In fact where we filmed one scene was next to the property where this author's family actually lived in the 1930s. 


The challenges on this show were a lot of fun in terms of gathering the team and working them through. 


First were the time jumps..these included early 18th century, 1930s, 1940s and Present Day. 


We definitely had to find a way to  stretch the dollars- even a million dollar plus budget has to stretch every dime but they have a bit more leeway.


1930s passenger bus, in New Mexico AND driveable CHECK!


Blooming roses in the winter...CHECK....bonus points for finding ones that were similar to early 18th century strains.  


Wardrobe we were able to pull from the local Prop House for the early 18th Century and some of the 1930s.  We added in pieces from thrift stores and donated wardrobe for the 1930s and 1940s- it is true a lot of fashion comes back into style so we utilized the closest to time period pieces we could find then aged them backwards with bits of lace, jackets and other accessories.  Its not an exact science and most historical costumers can tell BUT it works for this story and for the actors to become those characters when they are in scene.


We had a beautiful hair and makeup artist (Genica Lee) - her work was truly fabulous.


My favorite costume was this dress, fabric is from a red chambray bed sheet, pattern is Simplicity 1940s child, doll was from a 1930s pattern and the blanket was made from retro reprint feed sack designs, lace trim from the 1940s and Mary Janes from contemporary shoes with the bows removed.  Bonus was the real Rose wore a red dress when she made this journey as a child.


I will sign off here with the watercolor painting I did as a gift to the Author.  This would have been her Grandmother when she was a teenager in the early 1900s.


Look for this film to be making the rounds in the indie film and festival circuit soon.


I am going to attempt to use this blog as a place for chronicling my art in film and otherwise.  I will keep up best I can.









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