February 12, 2017

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Costuming 'Overturned Bucket' Short Film

September 24, 2018

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eHarmony Commercials

February 12, 2017

The Commercial world is frankly one that I adore.  The short stories we tell are fast paced and can be as creative as feature film or episodic work but put together in a shorter amount of time.


Recently, I was Art Director on eHarmony commercials.  Great team work on a budget.


5 locations, 3 stories.


My favorite part of this shoot?  

The food styling.


 I don't get to do it that often and this was simple and straightforward.  The end of a Date Night.



 You can see in this picture that not everyone had an entire plate of food.  Or even liquid in their glasses.  



In the case of this commercial the background was fairly blurred and I could put the darker 'wine' that would be visible as a color while leaving out any other liquids.  


On their plates I only had to place a tiny portion of food that the background could use as a prop to either eat or pretend to eat.


All the foods and drinks were edible.


We do not use real alcohol on sets for liability reasons.  Grape juice, apple juice, cranberry juice, even sweet tea have subbed in for alcoholic beverages.

 As you can see from the shots above and below we don't often use wall art....in commercials they tend to be distracting in those few seconds, milliseconds of a shot but more importantly its a copyright issue.  First and foremost your eye should always be drawn to the actors, the action and the brand being advertised.




 In the case of this household setting the owner had permission from most of the artists he had displayed or the pieces were from his own daughters.





In the case of this coffee shop set we had a logo that we needed to cover that still captured the end look of the setting.  We put together this rustic architectural piece and temporary tacked it to the wall over their logo.  While you can see the outline of the logo clearly here it was not visible in the lighting of the actual shot angle.


Was very thrilled to use one of my own personal artwork pieces in one of the shots. An aurora borealis over a forest created for use on another film last year.  Although you will never see it from the angle we shot, we merely needed in this case to NOT have an entire blank wall and it fit the bill.I


In this industry MacGyver is a good role model, sometimes literally- tape, paper clip and string.




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